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All of us at CORE At Home believe that when it comes to healthcare you deserve nothing less than expert, professional care. We have been a part of the healthcare industry for over 20 years and as such, we understand the need for you and your family members to feel comfortable with the providers they hire and the services they receive. Helping our clients has been and always will be our number 1 goal. Our team of professionals is here to assist you in reaching your treatment and recovery goals. We want to help you get back to feeling like you again.

We strive to give you our best efforts so that we may enhance your wellness, all while attempting to minimize hospital admissions and institutionalization. If you or a loved one is in need of home healthcare services, contact CORE At Home to learn more about the services we provide.

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CORE At Home

Because You and Your Needs Matter!

Looking for a Physical Therapist or Personal Trainer? Contact CORE Physical Therapy!

Why CORE At Home?

Our team works with your referring physician to get a clear understanding of your current needs. We work as a team to deepen our patient’s knowledge of the proper therapeutic techniques and ensure that they are able to comply with the treatment plan which has been customized to them. We help improve mobility, restore function, limit or prevent disability, and/ or relieve pain for patients who experience physical dysfunction due to illness or injury.

Our Mission & Values Statement

We are committed to improving the long-term health of our patients by listening to who they are, understanding the road they traveled to get here, and collaborating with them to achieve their goals. As we learn more about each person, we provide customized in-home therapy services designed to help them rehabilitate efficiently while teaching them ways to improve at home and on the go. Each day, we strive to be a pillar of our community in the way we empower our patients and their family members, treat our team members, and serve our neighbors in their pursuit of optimal health.


CORE at Home Physical Therapy – Five Foundational Values


1. Mutual Respect & Care: We are intentional about caring for each person with consistency, from our patients and providers to our team members and community.

2. Ongoing Education: Both our patients and staff benefit from this commitment to ensure that all are successful and empowered in their lifelong healthy pursuits. 

3. Uplifting & Safe Environment: Throughout all our interactions, we want each person to feel confident, comfortable, and cared for wherever and whenever they interact with us.

4. Expert Health Solutions: As we serve our community, we believe it is required to be the best in everything we do, especially because what we do impacts the lives of our neighbors. 

5. Whole Body / Whole Self: We believe that a path to wellness is as much a physical journey as it is a spiritual one. By focusing on making this a fluid pursuit, each person can achieve healthy results in the vital areas of body, mind, and spirit. 

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Certified Caregivers

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Gait Training

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Mobility Equipment Training

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